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100% Beef Liver (and nothing else!)

Our freeze-dried beef liver is one of our most nutrient dense treats; they are extremely rich in: copper, taurine, potassium, and vitamins A, B2, and B12.

Professional Trainers Recommend that, while training, you use 'high value' treats that are smaller in size to save money as you will be using a lot of treats; you don't need a big treat to motivate a dog, you just need something they go crazy for. 

Content of the 2.5 oz. bag equals about 2/3 lb of USDA-inspected raw meat before freeze-drying.

All products are made in the USA, made without gluten or grain, & without additives.
You'll find that most are easy to break, including our rockfish. 
cats will also go crazy for these!

Beef Liver Morsels

PriceFrom $10.99

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