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Putting the Mellin in Mellin Crafts

My name is Jessica Mellin & I'm from a long line of Mellin's. Starting in 2011, I began having health problems that got progressively worse until I was in my early 20's. I had my first surgery, and was told I needed a service dog within a month of each-other.  

The female golden you see all over our pages, and products is my service dog, Bishamon. She gets her name from one of the Seven Lucky Gods in Japanese Buddhism. Bishamonten is protector of warriors & guardian of divine treasure. It felt really fitting for her job. She was the inspiration and start for all of this. She has been a water-dog since day one, from laying in her water bowl to spending summers in her pool. It was evident that she needed durable & waterproof gear that was ready for everyday use.


We found that BioThane was the perfect product for her. I was a bit of a gear-o-holic who loved creating so being able to put those things together has been a dream. In April of 2022, I officially launched Mellin Crafts. In November of 2022, I was able to put us under One in a Melon, LLC. In April of 2023, we started a charity campaign to help heal our planet. One Dollar of every order is donated to organizations focused on protecting our seas & saving our lands.

While my love of creating has continued, my love of dog training has also grown. I am working under a mentor and working toward my first (of many I hope) certifications. I have many hopes for the continuation of our craft and my personal expansion into the dog training world.

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